Sunday, March 23, 2008

1980 (Or, The Easter Fro)

Yes, I am in this photo.

And...inexplicably...I'm eating a marshmallow product.

I'm still a big fan of Easter candy...but I now hate/loathe/despise Peeps (what my brother and I are eating here).

Go figure.

I was on a hunt just now for another photo...a picture of my family in our backyard at Easter. That it was Easter wasn't a big was the fact that, in this missing photo, my brother and I look like matching polyester Little Lord Fauntleroys and my mother and stepfather are rocking identical white-person-afro perms.

I think my mother has this photo locked away somewhere. I hijacked a number of family photos a decade ago, but I'm fairly sure my mother wouldn't let this Easter family portrait out of her possession.

The last time that picture came up in conversation, my mother doubled over in laughter and said:

"Oh look...I married Little Richard."


Peeps said...

Why don't you like us?

We are sweet and we come in many colors!

Sometimes you can lick us, and sometimes you can suck on us.

Just look at those precious little boys - gnawing and licking and slobbering all over us. Don't you want to slobber on us again?

Come back and put your sweet tooth all over our bodies.

Greg said...

I used to like Peeps but now they taste a bit funky. And leave all that colored sugar on my fingers.