Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bullied Oversight (Or, Where the Hell Was Susan Sarandon?)

I had dinner with my friend Patty a few days after Heath Ledger's death.

Before we got headlong into a discussion of Mary-Kate Olson, Patty said:

"And what about Brad Renfro? That pisses me off."

"What about Brad Renfro?"


You see, less than a week before Heath Ledger died, the young actor Brad Renfro died of a heroin overdose.

I'm not sure why, but it wasn't exactly breaking news on any front.

At least, I thought, Renfro would get some sort of acknowledgment in the Oscar ceremony (in the long-standing traditional "here's to the departed" film reel).

And...once again, Renfro's death was ignored.

Although the academy took the time to remember the other actors and the executives and the make-up artists and the hair bangers and the choreographers and the secretaries and the fluffers and the pets and the dust mites that sadly died over the course of last year, they somehow missed a beautiful actor whose death was remarkably similar to Mr. Ledger's.

It's too bad Susan Sarandon (his co-star in The Client) wasn't onhand to kick some ass on his behalf.


Big Daddy said...

I think it was just because he only made a handful of movies and wasn't mainstream, which is sad.

Steven said...

They acknowledge the people who died last year, I believe.

T$ said...

BD - it is sad...especially given all of the other folks that were acknowledged.

steven - if only that were true. Here's the semi-official word: Why Brad Renfro Was Cut From Oscar Tribute.

Darth Gateau said...

Brad got a mention and a glossy pic in the equivalent role call of recently deceased at the BAFTA's - not quite as big time as the Oscars but we still stumped up with the goods.
Loving the pic on this post btw!