Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dick Jockey (Or, More From a Lazy Sunday)

File Under: Things You Should Never Hear in New York on a Saturday Night...

A Phil Collins song...remixed.*

File Under: Things You Will Hear After Hearing Phil Collins Remixed in New York on a Saturday Night...

"Wait. There's a DJ? You mean...someone's actually choosing to play this right now?"

*And, no, it wasn't the Postal Service's great remake of "Against All Odds". It was the real deal Phil on the decks.


Big Daddy said...

There's a lot of Phil Collins/Genesis remixes out there.

I have a few that are pretty decent.

not a phil fan said...

BD - how could you admit that?

Big Daddy said...

I have random tastes in music.

You should also check out these bad ass John Tesh remixes.

Ha ha.