Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fro Redux (Or, A Note From a Guest Editor)

After yesterday's Easter post, my mother decided to submit this as an entry from a Guest Editor.

Above is the "I Married Little Richard" photo mentioned yesterday.

Of course, seeing the photo again I realize my stepdad's perm is the least of the offending elements.

I don't have it in me today to dismantle the fashion here...overall, I'm mostly overwhelmed at the color story.

We. All. (Sort-of) Match.

Our impromptu family portrait looks like it was art directed by the Chairwoman of an All-American 1976 Bicentennial committee...who happened to be abusing Quaaludes, hash brownies, and white wine spritzers at time she selected these outfits.*

In addition to the Little Richard comment, my mother also said this about the picture:

"No wonder the Welcome Wagon people never came when we moved in - we only got Jehovah's Witnesses."

To which I replied:

"Maybe the J-Ws were looking to get cheap perms. You were clearly the neighborhood source for that."

*And, no, this fictional Chairwoman was not my mother...not that I know of, anyway.


Mister Blackwell said...

I think the style was very fashionable...even if a little matchy. The only grave fashion faux-pas is the black knee socks and tan shoes on the little one - certainly not with a white suit set!

Jose Eber said...

Was this a home perm? Did your mom apply the rollers? Are there any curler shots we should see? I might go so far as to say the moustache is a tad gayer than the perm, at least for the 70s.

T$ said...

mister B - the knee socks are navy, for the record.

jose the jose is you the jose - yes, both 'fros (mom and dad) were of the home variety. As for the 'stache, this was 1981, so it was full-tilt hetero at that time to sport one.

Melissa Rivers said...

I might agree with Mister Blackwell. Those socks appear to be black, at least set against the navy of the older males in the photo. My mom always says knee socks are really just leg warmers with feet, anyway. But those details are minor.

I do find the hair achingly chic. Home perms were all the rage, and most of suburban America did not catch on until early 1983, which makes your family trendsetters. I should know - I have been in a trendsetting family for generations. My dad started a trend later followed by Kurt Cobain. And my mom, ever the trailblazer, pioneered certain surgical procedures that are now commonplace on the Upper East Side.

And in much the same way, my people, the Jews, started the trend of neighborhood welcoming. The JWs followed suit and stole our schtick.

rabbi shoshanna hirschfeld said...

melissa warburg rosenburg - need I remind you: you wore black knee socks and white Dr. Scholl's sandals to your bat mitzvah in 1980. Granted, your mother did insist on an "ebony and ivory" theme - complete with her performing a duet with Sammy Davis, Jr.

I had to intervene when two years later, your mother tried to sue Paul McCartney (an attendee of your mitzvah) after he wrote that song "Ebony and Ivory" and refused to give her - or Samela - due credit for inspiring the song.

Tarek said...

WHERE is krautastic tuesday?!

Darth Gateau said...

retina-sizzling chic!

After my eyes stopped bleeding, I was able to take in the full glory of a shorts-suit with knee socks.
My couture based emotional scarring goes pretty deep but is unusually perm-free, sadly.

Big Daddy said...

I think you guys look cute.

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