Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ken Lee (Or, Comedy From Bulgaria)

Since I've reported on music from Bulgaria in the past...I'm compelled to share some comedy too.

Here's a contestant on Bulgaria's version of American Idol (Music Idol) singing Mariah Carey's hit song "Ken Lee".

Of course, you might also recognize the song from other was originally recorded by Hally Nirrsen.

I'm also glad to know that Shania Twain has been secretly hosting Bulgaria's Music Idol...check her out. Her Bulgarian is fantastic!


Shirley Heezgay! said...

the best laugh ALL day!

thonnibg said...

Ha,ha,Trevor.This woman(her name is Valentina Hassan,she`s of Turkish origin) made a big "hit" here in Bulgaria with that performance.She said she didn`t know any English at all,but she was obviously brave enough to go to the contest and sing Mariah`s song.We call Valentina Ken Lee here:)
Aah,that`s weird:)))

Chantel said...

Interesting to know.