Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mädchen Amok (Or, Krautastic Tuesday)

This week's Krautastic Tuesday is a fast two-parter...all about the ladies.


In 1996, I was obsessed with an online 'zine called blairmag. Astonishingly, it's still there - exactly as it was way back when. The folks that wrote it were ornery and hilarious...and they set up two online games (back when having an animated .GIF file on a website was groundbreaking shit)...one was called "Gay or Eurotrash?" and the other was called...

Lesbian or German Lady?

Click the link above and play...it's just as fantastisch as it was twelve years ago.


My maternal grandmother is a German immigrant...and she's got the intense love of meat products and butter (her basic two food groups) to prove it. She thinks my mother is insane for using spices like black pepper or garlic when she cooks. At nearly 94, my beloved grandma is a tank...she's steely and unstoppable.

Two years ago, my brother and I went to Ohio to visit our family for Mother's Day. We took our grandmother out to dinner (which - to a 90-plus-year-old German - meant we ate at three o'clock in the afternoon). Upon seeing all of the other elderly folks at the eatery we went to (her choice, of course), she wailed out - full voiced for all to hear:

"For Christ's Sake - what is this? Bringing out the dead?"

She also told our waitress she should get a new career...in less polite terms.

Gute Zeiten...Gute Zeiten.


Ein Auslander said...

The shoes are always the dead giveaway.

They cheated tho - with the "neither" answer. No fair.

Tarek said...

I love Krautastic Tuesdays so much. I just had midterms. I'm going to sleep!

joe said...

Damn, and I thought my friends and I in college had invented "Gay or Eurotrash." No such thing as an original idea, right?

Meat products and butter... Oma has the right idea.