Friday, March 07, 2008

My Dinner With... (Or, A Streetcar Named Desire)

My Dinner With...

Mod Fab has tagged me for quite possibly the best meme ever. I have to admit, choosing a single person has been a challenge. While various parts of me wants dinner with various directors (Fassbinder, Almodóvar, Derek Jarman, Preston Sturges), I think I'd rather spend this kind of dinner on the potentially sultry side of things.

1. Pick a single person, past or present, in the film industry who you'd like to have dinner with, and tell us why you chose this person.

After much deliberation (see above), I decided to kick it old school with my choice. I would like to have dinner with Marlon Brando – for countless reasons. It's hard to deny his genius as an actor...or his intensely masculine beauty. And in any interview he gave he was a bit of a loose canon, so I think dinner with him would be entertaining no matter what. I might be a little beside myself/agog throughout this meal considering I'd prefer to have dinner with the 1950s version of Brando (all hot and sweaty and angsty a la Streetcar, The Wild One, et. al.).

2. Set the table for your dinner. What would you eat? Would it be in a home or at a restaurant? And what would you wear? Feel free to elaborate on the details.

We would definitely go to Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn for Steak, Creamed Spinach, and Baked Potatoes - washed down with as many martinis as two men can handle. I would wear a black suit and tie. I'd elaborate more about the locale, the atmosphere, etc....but this is starting to sound like a Men At Play porn scenario as it is.

Since Brando is a well known food lover, we'd stop for cheeseburgers and a couple of dozen donuts after dinner.

3. List five thoughtful questions you would ask this person during dinner.

1. “Rumor has it you've had your share of women...and men. So...whose pipe have you smoked in Hollywood?”

2. “Was the butter scene in Last Tango in Paris your idea?”

3. "Were your late-career-on-set antics really just a way of saying 'I'm better than this?'”

4. "Shelley Winters has said you both gained weight because of your love of acting. You both turned to food when acting no longer fulfilled your needs. Did you feel this way - or was Shelley just conjecturing on your behalf? And...can you pass me another cheeseburger?"

5. “Your place or mine?”

4. When all is said and done, select six bloggers to pass this Meme along to. Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre, so that people know the mastermind behind this Meme.
I'm passing this along to the following bloggers: Muzbot, How Great Is Cake?, Bonjour Pee Wee, Kusala, TWISI, and Hello My Name Is Danny.


hello, my name is danny. said...

yikes, t$! now i have homework this weekend!?!

joe said...

Uh oh, this is gonna be a hard one. I'm so not a starfucker. However, I'm glad that you answered my question about whether we could select someone who's dead. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Would you drive, take a cab or take the L train to Williamsburgh in order to get your mitts on that Luger meat?

T$ said...

Anon - Car service to and fro, mos def.

Big Daddy said...