Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not So Hong Kong Garden (Or, Illustration Friday)

I just submitted this to the excellent site Illustration Friday for this week's topic: Garden.

Although today's not Friday...this is an illustration.

I'll try to do this more promptly from now on...especially considering one of my (now seemingly former) featurettes (Who's Googling Who?) is not so fun anymore.

Maybe it's just this week...but every recent Google search bringing the masses (all two of you) here has had to do with either male midget escorts or Eva Longoria's chronic camel toe. Granted, both are pretty hot topics...but there wasn't any sort of "looking for sluts in Buffalo" query to make me smile this week.


thonnibg said...

Love this.Gorgeous!

james gardener said...

thats reallllllll pretty.

its not similar to the rosebuds on thonnibg's site tho.

almost flower season....yay