Monday, March 24, 2008

T$ Cameo (Or, Don't Tell Your Parents You're A Bear)

I didn't realize this clip was on YouTube...

Here's a segment from John Waters's filmed monologue This Filthy World...that I am in.

Well...sort of.

I was in the audience of one of the tapings for it a couple of years ago.

Watch the audience shots carefully...just after he says "Don't tell your parents you're a bear." you can see my face in the audience.

I tried not to be offended by it at the time.

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Lady From Downstairs said...

I told you over a year ago....get rid of that beard. Now it's on the Intertube for all to see for the rest of time. If you didn't move away I would wag my finger in your face, young man.

You're out of the will.