Friday, March 14, 2008

Urinetown (Or, What New Yorkers Say When They Talk About the Gov)

In case you hadn't heard...New York's Governor had to resign this week due to his involvement with a high-class prostitution ring.

I won't get into all the schadenfreude* that's been kicking around the city (and, presumably, state) all week...but there are certain details that keep popping up that I want to know more about...desperately.

Namely...what is all this business about the hooker telling her booker (ah...rhyme) that the Gov'na wanted to do things "that you think might not be safe".

Last night I had dinner and saw a show with my friend Patty. Over dinner, we got to discussing the meaning behind this "might not be safe" statement.

It went down like this:

ME: I guess that means anal right? Maybe unprotected anal sex?

PATTY: Oh really? I immediately thought she meant pee.

ME: Oh shit. Hadn't thought of that.

PATTY: Yeah...I'm guessing hookers wouldn't think twice about anal.

ME: Hmmm...I still think it might be anal...

PATTY: I'm sticking with pee.

After the show (the less than stellar Gypsy), the topic came up in conversation again:

ME: I don't know...I think [Patti LuPone] could have been a little more desperate...especially in the first act. When she says she'll get that money no matter what...she didn't sound so convincing...she didn't sound like she'd so anything for it.

PATTY: She should have been thinking - "Give me that money Dad...or else I'll let the Governor pee on me for 88 bucks."

*sneak preview of next week's Krautastic Tuesday

And...thanks as always to the inspirational Pattesia - who clearly provided the kick to this entry.

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Shady Fruit said...

Heidi Fleiss has also speculated unsafe anal. You are in good company.

Pee talk is all fine and good, but generally safe as it is a sterile liquid.

Speaking of anal, Patti LuPone is an ass. And that is just me, throwing some shade (enfreude).