Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Subgenres Attack (Or, Becoming A Man)

I saw a trailer for the movie Bonneville a few weeks ago. The film appears to be a mild, cushy version of Thelma and Louise for retired women who think sex is icky. It details three women who travel across the country in (shock) a Bonneville to scatter one of their husbands' ashes the Pacific Ocean...or the parking lot of a strip mall in Albuquerque.

The trailer was so overwhelmingly overwrought (Look - here the ladies are crying! Now they're dancing! Now they're laughing!) , I had to whelp out:

"Wheee! Menopause is fun!!!"

Which, in turn, made me think of an old story.

My friend Max's mother was in town and the three of us (Max, his mom, and me) ended up in a random gay bookstore (back when cities had random gay bookstores). Paul Monette's gay classic Becoming A Man was on display near the counter.

Max yelled out to his mother:

"Hey mom - maybe you should read this book...sounds like your life story."

No, Max's mom wasn't a transssexual.

She had just wrapped up menopause.


hello, my name is danny. said...

aww! poor max's mom. so did she punch him out with a right hook to the chin?


TWISI said...

mind flashing back to random gay bookstore.....

mmmmm, thank you!

jason said...

Don't tick off a menopausal woman.
Word to the wise.

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