Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are You For Rhea? (Or, Potty Poetry)

Since becoming a dog owner, I have promised myself not to turn BV into a cutesy-poo puppy show. Yes, I did post pictures of my dog...but I'm trying to keep it together, all things considered.

Anyway, I do feel compelled to share a little funny from a shitty (literally) day.

Yes, my dog Bobo has diarrhea.

It started last night...and has been working itself out (again - literally) all day today.

When emailing someone near and dear about the state of my dog's poopy affairs, I used the term "rhea" as short-hand for which N&D replied:

"Rhea Perlman?"

Being a semi-professional scatologist, I couldn't let the visual opportunity pass me by without a little riff. So, I replied to the question "Rhea Perlman?" with a poem:

Rhea shot out his ass
and did a tap dance
said "it smells in here -
reeks way worse than Cheers".
She wrung out her fro -
slid on poop to the do'
said "I'm off to my beau -
lil Danny DeVito."

Dedicated to Miss Nora and her cerebrity crients


Near And Dear said...

corn? bobo doesn't remember eating corn!

dear, not near said...

i like your pooetry.