Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ditto Ditto (Or, A Belated Weak in Review)

There's nothing like having a friend visit from out of town to shut down a blog for a few days.

I'm back in semi-inaction, and if I weren't still hung over from Friday night, I'd be eight shades of productive today. Since said hangover is still hanging out, I'm making this as fast as humanly possible.

I went to see the (always-excellent-live) Gossip perform on Tuesday night...while their show was good, I was more entertained by their freewheeling covers. Hearing Beth Ditto barrel through the opening of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" was something to behold.

I love Beth Ditto...but there's something...well...young about some of the things she says in interviews. She rips apart gay men for supposedly causing women's body issues...yet she hangs out with Kate Moss like she was the coolest heavyset bulldyke in town (guess it's OK to be a woman who fucks with a woman's body image rather than a man).

And, given the crowd assembled to see her at Webster Hall, I'm not sure why she has to hate on her biggest fanbase. There were more gay men than women in the a long shot.

Regardless, I can't hate that much on a woman who once, when called a "fatass" at a Hollywood party, simply barfed all over they guy who insulted her.

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Big Daddy said...

I love, love, love their cover version of 'Careless Whisper'.