Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lola Famanna (Or, Krautastic Tuesday 2)

Since this week's Krautastic Tuesday was a bust when it should have been busty, an addendum came to me while I was reading a comment left to the first entry below.

The lovely German actress Franka Potente (star of Run Lola Run) also starred in the Bourne Identity with Matt Damon. I saw the first Bourne movie when it came out at the huge multiplex in Times Square. The crowd was - as is typical at the 42nd Street theater - loud, loud, loud.

When Franka and Matt Damon finally get down get down, a woman sitting in the middle of the theater whelped out:

"OH Helllllls nawh. Why is that fiiiiiine piece of asssss gettin' freaky with a bitch who look like a man? Shit. I should have been in this mothafuckin' movie. I freak that Matt Damon reeeeal good."

She went on like that a little longer to herself. The audience was so entertained by her soliloquy on why she should be banging Mr. Damon, no one shushed her.

Of course, given this little ditty that's recently hit the airwaves...maybe it was Sarah Silverman?

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