Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M83 (Or, Let's Just Pretend the Last 20 Years Never Happened)

I can't get enough of's their new video for "Graveyard Girl" which is so suburban 80s high school I can't take it...



R. said...

Is M83 reviving 80s goth, or reviving the early noughts revival of 80s goth? In other words, are they being meta or meta-meta?

At any rate, this song (which comes from their latest album which I haven't had a chance to check out yet) is a little bit of a departure from the previous M83 I know and love. I hope I don't hate this album.

Having said that, I like that video.

(They're playing the Bowery on 6.4, btw.)

Big Daddy said...

Me likey.

Off to Amazon I go.

kookyknut said...

never heard of them before. it makes me want to roll a spliff and roll around on the grass. :)