Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Männer (Or, Krautastic Tuesday)

I've tried several times to reign in this week's Krautastic Tuesday topic Deutsche Männer (German Men) to no avail.

At first, I was going to pay tribute to sexy German actors...but there's really only one (Til Schweiger) or...er...maybe two...(Benno Fürmann)..uh..uh..or maybe three (Sebastian Koch).

Then, I was going to write about homoeroticism in German culture in the time of the Weimar Republic...but that got to be so overwhelmingly Queer-Studies-Thesis-That- No-One-Will-Ever-Read, that I had to abandon it before I bored even myself to tears.

Clearly, I'm spent.

So...what can I say about German men?


If you're so inclined, there are a few films about German men (some gay...some funny...yes, somehow...sometimes...Germans can muster up a laugh):


Der Bewegte Man (starring Til Schweiger)

Was Tun, Wenn's Brennt?

Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin

Keiner Liebt Mich

Next week, it's back to meat products...


Tarek said...

I know much about German men, but nothing that is appropriate for your blog. :(

Kisses to Bostoferson

R. said...

No accounting for taste and all that, of course, but you leave out Moritz Bleibtreu, who has some charm. And who believes that Sex without Love is like Spaghetti without Sauce. And that is profound.

Big Daddy said...

I once had sex with a German.

Anywho, this is a cute Gay German movie.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

As an Austrian Jew, I have plenty of issues with German men, but there are plenty of them that I'd more than do. Thomas Kretschmann (the only reason I made it through 2005's "King Kong" remake) and Heino Ferch (caliente in the dreary and bad "Marlene" and dreary and brilliant "Downfall") to name just two.

thonnibg said...

Vergiss nicht Ralf Bauer!Irgendwie heiss auch,na?

I liked him esp in his younger years.