Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Permanent Wave (Or, Permalicious)

Here's the what-the-fuck Google queries that brought dozens of people to BV this week:

Courtney D'Amico
Krautastic Tuesday
Put Her Tits On
Know the Toe
Boy Home Perm
Ogilvy Home Perm
See You Next Tuesday Joke
Drive-in Theater Sluts .com
Persian Girl + Dubai
A Gemini Slut
Quill Gays
Mama Deux
Google Dolls in Buffalo
Tyra Banks Passport Photo personal favorite...

Home Perms for Body on YouTube


Big Daddy said...

Are home perms even legal still?

Darth Gateau said...

aren't 'those body' hairs already curly enough?

Peter Ishkans said...

Does your mama do a home perm on Stepdaddy's pubies? Same rollers?

Greg said...

Drive-In Theater Sluts?

Is there something you're not telling us??