Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Piece of Retail Heaven (Or, A Complete Selection)

I have admitted in the past I have a fondness for the word pocketbook.

The word just makes me laugh.

A couple of months ago, I was in Astoria, Queens to see some friends and make love to some amazing Greek food (another thing I have intense fondness for). When I got off the subway platform, I found myself directly in front of the store above - whose signage advertises:


I thought I'd died and gone somewhere close to heaven... addition to getting a comic kick out of pocketbook...I love stationery stores more than I can say.

I wanted to move in.

The store was closed when I was there that day...I was dying to know just what a "complete selection of...pocketbooks" really is. I might have to haul ass back out there sometime to find out.

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joe said...

I'm assuming they meant "pocketbooks" as in cheap dime-store novels. As in pulp fiction, before Tarantino ruined the concept.

On the other hand, pocketbooks of the variety that my mom would keep her pack of 120s cigarettes (not menthol, thank you very much) in... that's another story altogether.

And for that meaning of the word, I prefer -- and just love for some reason -- the word handbag. It's a certain type of woman that carries a handbag. Or a pockabook, for that matter.