Friday, April 11, 2008

This Fight Has Been Rated NC-17 (Or, File Under: Demography)

I've recently discovered something on Showtime called EliteXC Xtreme Combat. I hardly ever watch it more than ten minutes at a time...usually just the intros showing various shirtless "fighters" all oiled up and ready for bruising.

I usually get bored...and hardly ever make it to an actual fight before I change the channel.

I assumed these fights were just boxing matches with a few kicks and marital arts moves thrown in.

However, earlier this week, I caught the show mid-fight...and was astonished. Above and below are some scenes from the "fight" I watched - which is pretty much a scenario from a Colt Studio production...with shorts and gloves on.

These two fighters never left the mat - they were entangled in the missionary position for a good twenty five minutes in various configurations and, um, roles.

I was titillated enough to take these screen captures...but couldn't help this supposed to be for straight guys?

I would qualify this entry as being "not quite safe for work viewing"...but the two fighters here are sort-of clothed...and Showtime didn't air any "scenes in this fight might be overwhelmingly homoerotic" I won't either.


danny/ink2metal said...

welcome to the world of softcore porn disguised as macho sports!

i love these mixed martial arts/boxing/wrestling competitions. hot! hot! hot!

even the guys who have a few teth missing. ;-}

joe said...

Um, I think I just did something NSFW in my boxers.

I've seen some images from this stuff before. Talk about smokin' hot. Mein Gott. This has a lot of 'WTF?' factor when you wonder about straight middle America watching it.

You managed to get some good screen shots there. I need to go fan myself.

TWISI said...

thanks for sharing....

I need to step away from my desk for a few minutes, but will return shortly... I have something I need to put my hand on right now

Shirley Heezgay! said...

it's great innit?

thonnibg said...