Monday, April 28, 2008

Walking and Talking (Or, Street Life)

I just said I promised myself not to turn this into a dogblog, but material just keeps presenting itself...begging (like a dog) to be shared.

I wrote earlier that walking my dog is like trucking around with a bucket of sunshine. A side effect of this sunshine is that I now talk to random strangers on the street.

A lot.

Most of the time, the chit-chat is limited to details on the dog's breed, age, etc. etc. etc. with an occasional flirty line or two thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes though, what is said to me throws me for a loop...mostly because when I'm walking the dog, I'm fixated on his piss, poop, and whether or not he's trying to eat a used condom off the sidewalk.

Once, while I was pulling Bobo away from an open trash bag on the street, a guy lurched at me and grunted:

"Yeah him who's daddy."

And another time...again, dragging my dog away from some sort of street shit, a man growled:

"Yank him. Choke him...choke him."

Now, if I lived on the same block as the Eagle, I'd understand this lascivious dog banter.

Or...maybe I shouldn't walk the dog while wearing a leather harness and chaps.

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Tarek said...

I love that illustration! Puppies and hot men! What could be better?!