Thursday, May 29, 2008

Caesar's Palace (Or, Chicken Ballad)

Overheard a few days ago on the street:

MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN: Omigod. We should totally go there for lunch. They have this amazing salad. It's called a Chicken Caesar Salad. It's like a regular Caesar Salad...except it has chicken. It's so good.

Now...If I'd heard this standing on the outskirts of a mall foodcourt in Omaha, I might not be surprised...but in lower Manhattan?


kookyknut said...

Let me get this straight, chicken in a caesar salad? That's crazy!

What will they think of next?


joe said...

Some people don't get out much, you know? I bet Garbo rarely ate out during all her years in Manhattan either.

Greg said...

And she was middle-aged. I would have expected that from someone the age of a "character" on The Hills. Which part of Manhattan has this woman been living under?