Sunday, May 04, 2008

Canned Jugs (Or, Everybody Comes to Dollywood)

I saw Dolly Parton last Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall. The crowd was gayer than Rip Taylor doing a Paul Lynde impression (or is that Paul Lynde doing a Judy Garland impression?)...and Dolly herself had to comment as such after singing "Jolene":

"You know there are quite a few guys here tonight dressed up like me. Heck, they look like better versions of me. Makes me want to rewrite that song I just sang. Instead of 'Jolene', it should be: 'Drag Queen...Drag Queen...Drag Queeeeeeeen...I'm beggin' of you please, don't take my man'."

I love Dolly more than anything...and I hate to be critical of someone so lovely...but her show featured a highly misguided midsection in which she covered a multitude of songs from the 1950s and 60s (and, um, had her back-up singers do most of the heavy-lifting, singing wise). Dolly baby...when you're a prolific songwriter such as yourself, there's no need to use other people's (far worse) material as a crutch.

She was, as always, full of kitschy banter:

"You know, back where I grew up, there are two types of mountain women: ones that got married and had lots of kids...and ones that stayed single and had lots of kids."

And, as always, hearing her sing "Coat of Many Colors" made me cry like a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Dolly was awesome on American Idol two weeks ago

joe said...

Is there anyone who DOESN'T love Dolly?

jason said...

*so* jealous!

Anonymous said...

Parton is so predictable -- she always looks and acts like she just crawled out of a cellophane bag. And when she sings -- she sounds like Minnie Mouse on drugs.

And I've heard that Jolene / Drag Queen thing a long time ago.