Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Losing My Favorite Kraut (Or, Krautastic Tuesday)


Krautastic Tuesday.

Ernest Hemingway had a huge thing for Marlene Dietrich...and Marlene kept her kraut crisp, quivering, and fresh at the ready for Papa H. Despite their heated, obsessive, romantic on-and-on-and-on letter writing to each other, they supposedly never did the deed.

I don't buy it.

Anyway, Hemingway always addressed his love letters to her this way:

My little kraut...


My favorite kraut...

Of course, in Hemingway's mind, he probably did associate the German sexbomb with a plate of pickled cabbage.

Goes without saying: he's man after my own heart.

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Darth Gateau said...

hmmm... sexbomb or pickled cabbage. I'd have to choose sexbomb if forced at gunpoint to decide. Now if the sexbomb were holding on to a chocolate hobnob(it's a type of cookie here in UK) I'd obviously bite off their hand. Can't say I've ever associated any sexy types with cabbage tho... it's probably just me.