Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's Just Pretend the 00s Never Happened (Or, Fashion Forward)

Given that this decade's obsession with the 1980s has yet to fade, I've been joking for a while now that true trailblazers should be skipping ahead and busting early 1990s fashion and jams like they were the freshest, dopest shit around.

I'm standing by that sentiment.

While I search through my closet for wide-legged Girbaud jeans and floppy hats, here's a musical flashback that continues to fascinate me. fascinate...I mean laugh out loud.

Tammy Wynette and the KLF...with "Justified and Ancient".

So, pitch yourself a tent and get your 90s camp on.


Big Daddy said...

90's became the new 80's for me ages ago.

In fact, I am already celebrating the pop culture/music of the late 90's!

joe said...

Ow yeah.... KLF. Brings back memories of being young, svelte, slutty... making college road trips to West Hollywood (Rage & Mickey's).

Poor Tammy is dead, isn't she?