Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama Say Knock You Out (Or, Mother Lode)

Being a middle-aged homosexual, I tell a lot of stories about my mother.

Guess that goes without saying.

After said stories, I am often asked the question:

"Were you raised by a drag queen?"

You own ribaldry pales in comparison to my mother's.

Since it's mother's's a collection of Linda Marie's Greatest Hits:

Longtime Reader, Longtime Wiper (Or, Mother Knows Breast)

What Else Do You Need (Or, I Am a Product)

Mama's Gettin' Hot

Linda Marie on the M-I-C

Punchline (Or, A Note From a Guest Editor)

Blame It On the Feign (Or, Technical Difficulties)

Someone's Not in the Kitchen With Dinah (Or, Le Menu)

Chapschtick (Or, These Things Happen)

Miracle of Science (Or, Two-Part Harmony)

Hello To All That Again (Or, A Quitting Holiday)


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