Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Turd on the Street (Or, Rear Window)

Now that summer is creeping up on New York, I've been sleeping with one of my bedroom windows open. My bedroom faces the street...a factor I forgot about until last night...when around 3 AM I was awakened with this snippet of conversation from three stories below:

CLEARLY DRUNK, FLATULENT GIRL: Shut up Stacy! I did not fucking fart! If I did fucking fart I would have told you. You know I ALWAYS tell you when I fart, you fucking bitch. God, I hate you. I can't believe you accused me of farting when I didn't fart - knowing that I would TELL YOU if I farted.

STACY: You faaaarted. You faaaaaaarted. You faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarted.

I didn't bother to get up and look out to check out Stacy and her flatulent friend.

I only hope that CLEARLY DRUNK, FLATULENT GIRL beat her up...or at the very least farted on Stacy's face.

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Muzbot said...

eavesdropping can provide some of the best entertainment... and fart arguments always are always entertaining if followed up by a loud stinker.