Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ja, Ja. Ich Weiß. Ich Weiß. (Or, Krautastic Tuesday)

Yes, it's Thursday and I'm writing Tuesday's entry...

Archie Bunker had the Jeffersons...and Maude Findlay.

Mary Richards had Rhoda Morgenstern...and Phyllis Lindstrom.

And now...BV has...BiL.

My friend (and occasional BV cast member and Krautastic Tuesday enthusiast) Tarek decamped New York for Berlin last month and started a (new) blog called Berlin in Lights. Please click (and leave me) at your discretion.

Actually, Tarek's blog is only semi-new...he had a blog on typepad last summer (also called Berlin in Lights).

Naturally, I was a frequent commenter in broken (and, yes, sleazy) German. My favorite comment is below...left for an entry he made about a German brand of Weight-Watchers-esque pre-prepared diet meals called Du Darfst (translated as You Are Permitted). It is in the voice of the troubled, bulimic actress who starred in commercials for the brand:

SCHAUSPIELERIN: Da ich nur Kleenex zum Frühstück und Mittagessen esse, darf ich etwas zum Abendbrot essen? Darf ich? Sollte ich? Ich kann auch nicht an currywurst denken ohne zuzunehmen! Wie ich lang, in einer See der Wurst zu schwimmen!


ACTRESS: If I only eat Kleenex for breakfast and lunch, I may eat something for supper? May I? Should I? Even thinking of currywurst makes me gain weight! How I long to swim in a sea of sausage!

Of course, dear reader, you may (du darfst) interpret "sea of sausage" however you'd like...

Above: Photo illustration - "Swimming in a Sea of Sausage".


Big Daddy said...

I just got a craving for Kielbasa.

Interpret how you like.

[And I know Kielbasa is Polish, but still want it.]

T$ said...

Do it, do it.

Kielbasa is certainly a kissing cousin of the wurst kind.


thonnibg said...

Eine sehr gute Übersetzung,Trevor!:)

kookyknut said...

mmmm... sea of sausage *drool*