Friday, June 27, 2008

Ja, Ja. Ich Weiß Zeite Zwei. (Or, Krautastic Tuesday)

I'd apologize for not writing, blogging, blah-ing, etc. but - hey - it's summer - so - in the words of Jackie Woodman: "suck it."

And, - if - I - could - have - added - any - more - en - dashes - to - that - sentence...

I----would - have -

Yes, it's after midnight and, yes, that was supposed to be something resembling comedy.

I'm spent.

Oh yeah - above is this week's Krautastic Tuesday...Apparat's video for "Fractales I & II".


Young Faruq said...

wie ich lang, in einer see der wurst zu schwimmen! was sag ich denn?

ich ERTRINKE zur zeit in einer see der wurst!

i was TOTALLY going to post that video! damn you! (and as usual i would have given you credit, bitch!)


T$ said...

Stevie Nicks sang it best, YF:

Ertränkung in der See von wurst,
Wo jeder ertrinken möchte

"Drowning in the sea of wurst
Where everyone would love to drown")