Monday, June 30, 2008

Pride Be Not Proud (Or, Illustration Friday)

BV prides itself on being loosey goosey when it comes to days of the week...Friday was Krautastic Tuesday...and now Monday is Illustration Friday.

Above is my entry to this week's Illustration Friday collection...the topic was "fierce"...which clearly allowed me to get as Gay Proud as I possibly could without a parade float and an army of drag queens behind me.

If you care to do your own "guess-who-that-actress-is" and "guess-what-film-that's-from" in comments...knock yourselves out...of the closet.


Muzbot said...

Love it. No idea who it is though.

Anonymous said...

that's bette davis!

(isn't it?)

even if i'm wrong - i love it.

T$ said...

anon - yes it's miss davis...

any guess on what film?

Anonymous said...

either the little foxes or now voyager. still a youngish bette.