Saturday, June 21, 2008

Twatflaps (Or, Overheard on the Street)

Overheard on a long walk today:

WOMAN WALKING LONG-HAIRED DACHSHUND: I am motherfuckin' sick sick sick of walkin this hairy hotdog.

POSSIBLY UNATTRACTIVE MAN: I mean...what's the point of having sex with unattractive people? I mean really?

MAN TALKING ON CELLPHONE: Yeah, man. I was all 'Oh baby I'm going to make sweet love to you and make you a smoothie' and it worked! I totally nailed her.

MAN TALKING ON CELLPHONE (Much Later in Conversation): Yeah, man. Next time I hit the strip club, I'm definitely bringing, I mean coins. Totally will be awesome. It's like...where the fuck are they going to put quarters?

BRITISH WOMAN AT DOGRUN (Just after laying out a wee-wee pad on the concrete for her dog): Christ, I hate dogs.

The last woman I mentally nicknamed "Miss Common Twatflaps". Besides being a total cooz with the wee-wee pads outside...she shoved my dog.

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noTorious said...

i hate ms. common twatflaps and those like her.