Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Golden (Or, Sluts Heal Faster)

Over a year ago, I was at a dinner party full of fags and there was a heated debate over Estelle Getty's death. Someone at the party was absolutely convinced that she had died. I argued that she was still alive. I aruged on and on and on until I was blue in the face and someone else at the party had the good sense to jump on IMDB and stop the insanity.

I was right that Estelle Getty was still alive.

I'm sad to report that the loser of last year's dinner party know-it-all battle would today be a winner.

Estelle Getty died yesterday.

I'm sure every and all gay blog will have a tribute, so I will quit while I'm sort of ahead. I will drop my favorite line of hers from The Golden Girls:

Blanche is deeply wounded after being unceremoniously dumped by a boyfriend. Dorothy consoles Blanche for a tender minute or two. Blanche suddenly leaps to her feet, confident in her own unwavering beauty, and rushes out the door to find a new man.

After the abrupt exit, Sophia says:

"'s like I always say: sluts heal faster."

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