Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sugar Walls (Or, No Need)

Yes, yes, yes.

I'm here again typing: yes, yes, yes.

Over a week...no posts...but shitloads of shit to say.

My lack of blogging actually has everything to do with lack of time...and nothing to do with lack of inspiration.

I don't have it in me to pull a week-in-reverse-move right now, so instead I will bring attention to a new beacon on my neighborhood's retail horizon:

A little store front that once housed a gay clothing store is now occupied by a women's lingerie shop.

I'd wax poetic on a possible insurgence of local M-to-F trannies, but I'm sure it has more to do with all the new Mommies and Me in my 'hood and their need to keep their shit tight....

(Yes, I can't leave that hanging)

...now that their shit is saggin' and draggin'.

Anyway, the long lost point of all this about the lingerie store isn't my fairly obvious rage at the breeding machine that has taken hold of Lower Manhattan. The point is that said lingerie store has a camp factor that might be lost on its customers.

The store is called Sugar Cookie.

Are Prince and Sheena Easton back together?

Twenty-plus years after Prince gave Sheena her "Sugar Walls", they've reunited and have decided to take their interest in their own sweet science a step further. They've taken up sewing little tiny paisley printed thongs and bras and panties...to sweeten up...uh...some cookies.

I did laugh out loud when I first saw the store's signage. It reminded me of a story my friend Lucas used to tell about how once he thought his sister said "My cookie smells like Albuquerque" as she exited a restroom.

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