Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dreams of a 13 Year Old (Or, File Under: Timely)

I meant to post this, um, three weeks ago.


Anyway, in a span of 48 hours three weeks ago (ahem), I saw Yaz in concert and was dangerously close to shaking the hand of one Miss Olivia Newton-John.

I didn't have the gumption to approach ONJ, but I was less than five feet from her at the NY premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series.

Now, in the nearly 25 years (ahem) since these dreams were hatched (more like close to 30 for the near-meeting of ONJ), I would never have imagined that I'd see the legendary-yet-long-broken-up Yaz play a live show...or nearly get physical with Olivia.

Just goes to show you:

Gay dreams: they do come true!

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