Thursday, September 25, 2008

But, I Need to Rehearse (Or, The Wonder of Tameka)

Since Little Britain and Kath & Kim (scurrrrred of that jam...they didn't even bring along poor Sharon!) are invading American television this fall, I vote that someone hurry up and import the hell out of 3 Non Blondes...a BBC3 hidden camera show starring three extraordinarily talented women. Above is the genius Tameka Empson...just needing to rehearse...Tina Turner's entire a record store.



Big Daddy said...

I forgot about 3 Non-Blondes.

Great show.

joe said...

Have never heard of any of these shows (except K&K due to the hype over the American version)... but Tameka is my FA-VO-RITE part of Beautiful Thing (ok, one of my favorite parts) and I think I can recite most of her lines word for word. I'm always looking for Tameka vehicles -- and sadly, haven't found many. I think I recall catching all of three seconds of her in Notes on a Scandal.

T$ said...

Tameka's a genius...I too noticed her in Notes.


I always have to rewind for her part.

She needs to be in everything - period.

You have to see 3 Non-Blondes just for her character Marcia Brown. Absolute perfection. There are a few clips of Marcia on YouTube...they're not great but at least they're something.