Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Whiter Shade of Palin (Or, Not-So-Fascinating Fascism)

I just received an email from one Ms. Sarah Palin (I really should say "Mrs. Lowbrow Palin - or whatever the hell her husband's name is) asking me to donate to and become a member of the Republican Party.





Anyway, after I politely replied ("neo-fascist" is a term of endearment these days, isn't it?), I looked again at the email...it looks more like a scam than anything else.

I only hope some masterful spam-scam-artist is using Mrs. Horsepucky Palin (again, what's her husband's name? Trig? Tripper? Spelunker?) to make some quick cash. Can't be anything more illegal that what she's been up to in between banning books, squashing the work of the women's movement, and pretending that her daughter's first child is really hers.

Above Photograph: You see...Mrs. Palin was right...dinosaurs did walk among us 4,000 years ago. They even wore football helmets. I bet the female dinosaurs wore lipstick and taught their children that babies came from overeating at church barbeques.

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