Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Knew? (Or, My Own Stock Pile)

Just when I think to myself, "I should just shut that fucking blog down already", Blogger gives me a sense of accomplishment without having to do anything.

I just (let's see if I can use that word again in sentence #3) noticed a banner ad on Blogger stating that image/photo postings are automatically saved in a Picasa web album.

Who knew?

If you're so inclined, a big chunk of the images I've posted since July, 2006 (definitely not all...don't know why though) are here:

T$ / Buffalo Void Picasataciousness

Oddly enough...not all of the images I've posted are here, yet there are quite a few versions of different images that I futzed and futzed with. The most glaring example of this is an image I made for a post about Barbara Walters' interviews with child transsexuals. The version I posted was chaste...yet somehow Picasa kept on file a version I did where an uncut chorizo is practically strangling poor BabaWaaWaa. I feel like I've accomplished so much...when I really haven't.

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