Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Plot (Or, Divorce, Media Style)

M: So when should we launch the divorce? With my new album? The second single?

L: Let's push it back a few months. You're on tour in the fall. October divorces are so pretty what with the changing leaves and all. Plus both films are coming out the second week of the month.

M: Hmmmm....before or after the film premiere?

L: Which one?

M: Umm....

L: I'm sorry. Of course I meant yours. I say after.

M: Better pictures.

L: Totally.

M: Ok...let's book it.

L: I'll email the memo.


Big Daddy said...


Stephen J. Xanthos said...

Spot on. Spot...freakin'...on.

I still love them both.

PS - Love the piece you attached to the top of this post. :-)