Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lady of the Lake Michigan (Or, A Meme)

I got tagged by The Artist Formerly Known As Shirley to do an iTunes meme...I won't inflict it on anyone else though.

I'm not sure if this meme is rigged...but Madonna came up twice in my answers. I suppose middle-aged men of my persuasion can't help but be forever held hostage by the Lady of the Lake Michigan.

1. If you played your iTunes library from start to finish, non-stop, how long would it play for?
56.8 Days.

2. If you played your iTunes videos/movies from start to finish, non-stop, how long would it play for?
13.1 hours.

3. What artist appears the most in your iTunes library? How many files?
Madonna - 437 items - 1.7 Days.

4. Which word appears the most and how many times, when typed into your iTunes search: Love, Sex, Fuck, Death? Which is the least?
Love - 1,402
Sex - 99
Death - 89
Fuck - 44

5. What is the longest iTunes file?
The Confessions Tour - Madonna (2:01:15)

6. Shortest?
"Friends and Enemies" - DJ Cam (0:01)

7. Right now, which track has the highest Play Count?
"I Would Love to Give You Up" - Halou

8. If you were to close and reopen your iTunes, what is the first track that plays on your Party Shuffle?
"'75 AKA The Slow Train" - Lemon Jelly

9. What was the last item you purchased on iTunes?
Shinchi Osawa - The One

10. What item is in your shopping cart that you are hoping you can find as a free download?
I'm compulsive as fuck when it comes to iTunes...if it's there and I want it, I buy the bitch.


joe*to*hell said...

this meme blows
and we aint middle aged. we are half dead

Kevin said...

Thanks for playing, T$!

Someone needs to take their crabby pills.

Stephen J. Xanthos said...

I highly doubt that the "Lady from Michigan" iTunes effect is restricted to only middle-aged men of our persuasion.

I'm not in front of my home computer right now, but I bet my time count of Madonna would blow your 1.7 days out of the water.