Thursday, November 20, 2008

Queer as Who? (Or, Parental Supervision)

A number of years ago (that number of years being something close to a decade now, I suppose), I was giving my then-recently-retired mother a list of movies and TV shows she should watch on DVD. Since my mother can be high-strung and squirrelly, I was helping her find things to fill the oceans of idle time she suddenly found herself floating in post-retirement.

I recommended that she watch Absolutely Fabulous. I mentioned that it was a British show...and that it was campy and hilarious. I figured the show would give her a kick.

A few weeks after I made the recommendation, I got a call.

"What was the name of that show you were talking about?" my mother asked.

"Absolutely Fabulous."



"I got confused at the video store...I rented something called Queer as Folk. Is that not it?"

For a long, long second all I could think about was my mother watching hours of gay sex and drug Pittsburgh.


"I watched the whole first season and I kept waiting and waiting for it to get funny. Is the second season funny?"

"Not that I know of."

"I do like the mother character...and WOW is there a lot of sex."


After another long, long second, my mother asked:

"Are you sure I shouldn't watch the second season?"


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That's funny.

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