Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She Wrong Fo That (Or, B to the A.P.)

Since it seems to be "Week of the Fierce Black Woman" at BV...

B*A*P*S is a film close to my heart.

Well, let me rephrase that.

20 minutes of B*A*P*S is close to my heart...the other 66 or so minutes is pretty useless.

Above are two of the best scenes...which have held parts of my persona in hostage for over a decade.

I swear I use these phrases on a daily basis...all due to the genius of Natalie Desselle as Mickey (Ms. Halle Berry's sidekick): wrong fo that.

Look at you...tryin' to show out.

We bout to blow up.

Livin' large and takin' charge...big boi!

I hope that dance routine is in Berry's audition reel...right up next to her hospital breakdown in Monster's Ball.



Big Daddy said...

I remember seeing this in the theater.

Was totally disappointed.

Goldie Heidi said...

I admit here and now: whenever BAPS is on--even on the Spanish language channels, I watch. Comforting to know I'm not alone.