Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tune in Tokyo Tuesday (Or, Barely Krautastic)

I would barf out some navel gazing shit about how poor lil BV is skidding toward the brink of "permanent vacation," but I'll spare the melodramatics.

Above is this week's/months'/last-3-month's official Krautastic Tuesday...which is really German "in-name-only": the video for Towa Tei's "German Bold Italic" featuring the permanently 40 Kylie Minogue.

I saw it in Tokyo last Thursday...at a gay bar that makes the Interbelt in Akron, Ohio seem like Studio 54.

Not kidding.

So, please enjoy the only song I can think of that's an ode to a typeface...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One Mo, Mo (Or, 37)

I turn 37 in a few hours.

I wouldn't admit this, but my blogger profile will crank 36 all up into 37 at midnight, so I might as well fess up.

I've taken to mentally just think "I'm 40". Pretty soon, I'm going to adopt my paternal grandmother's tactic of adding 10 years to my age in order to get showered with rapturous compliments like: "You look great for (your actual age +10)!".

Now that she's 94, she's had to scale back on that particular mode of spin.

Also of note, I'm leaving for Japan in the morning - thereby pitching my actual birthday into the International Dateline vortex. I've been trying to avoid my birthday for years now...and I finally figured out the best method:

Just don't let the fucker exist.