Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One Mo, Mo (Or, 37)

I turn 37 in a few hours.

I wouldn't admit this, but my blogger profile will crank 36 all up into 37 at midnight, so I might as well fess up.

I've taken to mentally just think "I'm 40". Pretty soon, I'm going to adopt my paternal grandmother's tactic of adding 10 years to my age in order to get showered with rapturous compliments like: "You look great for (your actual age +10)!".

Now that she's 94, she's had to scale back on that particular mode of spin.

Also of note, I'm leaving for Japan in the morning - thereby pitching my actual birthday into the International Dateline vortex. I've been trying to avoid my birthday for years now...and I finally figured out the best method:

Just don't let the fucker exist.


Kevin said...

I'll be crashing through that gate in a few days, myself.

Resistance is futile. Have a great birthday.

Besides, you have nothing to whinny're a hunka!

Greg said...

Happy anniversary of the day of your birth!

joe*to*hell said...

Kevinshirleyjones you aint nothing but a blog slut, throwing your lust left and right across the border.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice prebirthday at least T. Let me know how 37 be treatin you. And say HERRO to the japs

Stephen J. Xanthos said...

If I look half as good as you at 37, I'll be a happy man.

Have a good one, boyo.

*birthday spank*

Kevin said...

LOL! No, JOE, my dear, a blog slut is wanton and reckless with her lust...mine is very specific and discriminating.

jason said...

oh no. I'm late...but happy 37th!

kookyknut said...

a very happy, belated, non-existent birthday to you!

x Tim.

Anonymous said...

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Darth Gateau said...

I LOVE Japan.

An age tip for you. Whenever anyone asks, just give a different answer every time. This leaves everyone totally baffled and complete unsure of your actual age. It's working for me...