Saturday, January 31, 2009

Four On the Floor (Or, Limping Toward An Anniversary)

Yes, yes y'all.

I'd like to whelp with reckless abandon that BV is four today...but the official anniversary was last week and I was feeling entirely fickle about it and couldn't muster the muster to say so.


Four years.

Given that I've been toying with boarding up this shindig for good (hence, six-plus weeks of zilch), I'm oddly proud of myself that I'm even mumbling about another year's passing.

Anyway, my story mojo has been down and out for sometime...I'd make big promises of change you can believe in, but fuck that job.

I'll try to get my act together soon.

If not...

Stay tuned.


noTORious said...

step on and get your act together...winter has been cold and lonely and I need a little buffalo dung fire to keep me warm. gracias...

SeƱor Shirley! said...

happy anniversary!

buffalo dung?