Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Looked Dead, Didn't I? (Or, Sabbatical)

Looked dead...didn't I?

I guess I forgot to mention I took 2009 off as a sabbatical from whatever-you-call-this-now. Since I don't tweet or bother with Facebook or do anything remotely close to virtual-social-whateverizing, I suppose I should return to what I once did...or once tried to do here.

What that is or was, remains to be seen.

What I do know is I sort of feel like blathering...I sort of feel like making myself laugh.


Here's to an end of retirement.

If anyone is out there besides my mother and the handful of very dedicated Japanese marketers who are hell-bent on promoting all kinds of horseshit Google translator can't even begin to deal with, I'll whip myself into a Lionel Ritchie frenzy, complete with a blind (I nearly typed "blonde") afro-ed sculptress power-emoting like a dipshit, working some big lips all-balls-out crazy into a clay bust and say:



Anonymous said...

welcome back

john said...

yeah, you did look a little dead there. welcome back, lazarus!