Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sadism (Or, Middle-Aged Listening)

The world is clutted up with "Holy-Shit-There's-A-New-Sade-Album" stories, so I'll keep mine to a murmured gurgle. When I first heard the news (on the Wanda Sykes Show...of course), I was pee-my-pants excited...and painfully reminded of how fucking Middle-Aged I am.

See, for those of us in that middle hyphenate area of life, we are all shits and giggles about a Sade album because we're well aware of the fact that the world is only blessed with such a shimmering thing once or so a decade. Despite having recorded three albums in the 1980s, Sade produced just one album in the 90s (Love Deluxe) and one (Lovers Rock) in that gaping void of a non-decade we never had a name for (the 00s? the Aughts? the Post-9/11-Shitbox?). Point is: you have to be of a certain (old-ish) age to appreciate the appearance of Soldier of Love.

That said, there was joke in something recently (I can't remember if it was a movie...or a book) where a character referred to the Marquis de Sade as the Marquis de Shah-day. Pronounced that way, Sadism becomes Shah-day-ism and gets a whole new meaning. The world these days is filled with Shah-day-ists with Soldier of Love slinking out of speakers everywhere.

Another Music-To-Feel-Your-Age-To Moment: I love the band The XX - especially because they're the coolest band of 1989. Thing is: these kids weren't even born yet in 1989. How's that for Middle-Aged Listening? (Below: The XX - "Crystalized")

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