Thursday, March 04, 2010

At Ten (Or, The Official Story)

Last Friday was the 10th anniversary of my moving to New York.

Although I've worked through fits and starts of hating it here and wanting to move to some other manageable city, the truth remains that New York has a way of ruining everywhere else. You hear things like "Oh, This-Other-City is cool" or "Yes, That-Other-Place is fun" and then you experience those places firsthand and stew in disappointment and think: "'s OK...but it's just not...."

When I lived in Boston in the mid-90s, I used to loathe that attitude in visiting New Yorkers. I used to think those sentiments were hard-edged and presumptuous and unfounded...until I caught myself thinking them uncontrollably.

All that aside, I think the anniversary is a little strange because it's more about reflecting on the 28-year-old I was when I moved here, and that ocean of difference that is between that once-upon-a-time self and me.


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Young Faruq said...

What about Berlin? Isn't that cooler than NYC these days?

Anonymous said...

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