Sunday, March 07, 2010

Everyday is Not Like Sunday (Or, High Fashion Shit)

Overheard uptown this afternoon...

MAN ON SUBWAY WITH STROLLER, LUGGAGE, AND CHILD IN TOW: I can't even deal with this motherfucking high fashion shit. I got a big ass and a big ass thigh and I can't even be stuffing those motherfuckers up in some skinny ass motherfucking jeans. Give me a fucking Levi...give me a fucking big ass motherfucking jean. Step off with all that other bullshit, bitches.

OLDER WOMAN IN RESPONSE TO THE WHITNEY BIENNIAL: It used to be that you go to a Museum, you know the art's good. Now it's the other way around. Look - another pile of garbage over there. I can't take this shit. You come to a Museum and it's a joke now - a sad, sad joke.

Amen to both sisters.

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