Monday, April 19, 2010

Red Sonja (Or, Countlessness)

So, yes, I've admitted it here before: I'm obsessed with The Real Housewives of New York. I thought I had said the (ok, little) I needed to say about said obsession...until last week when Sonja Morgan was thrown into the mix as the latest hausfrau. Her entrance made it entirely clear that - as over-the-top gay as this show is - the show can indeed stand to get gayer. (Why Logo is even bothering with their "Gay Househusbands" show is a mystery...they will never be able to outgay this show.)

Anyway, Sonja is sexualized, drag-queen-hilarious ("I'm the straw that stirs the drink"), 10x more fashionable than any of the other ladies, and, most importantly, she is rich. She's rich like these other wives wish they could be. She's rich like these other wives pretend they are...but so clearly aren't. Note the following exchange between Sonja and the Countess (who with every passing episode is becoming more and more common...enough with the outsized turquoise necklaces already):

COUNTESS: Did you have time to find some things to donate from your closet?

SONJA: Well, there's the Palm Beach closet and the Colorado closet and the Miami closet...


SONJA: I'll just have the housekeeper throw everything into the elevator.

COUNTESS: (quaking with jealousy) You have an elevator? In your townhouse?

In 15 seconds flat, Lady Morgan made a French Countess look like a toothless hillbilly.

Throughout the episode, the Countess tried to work her passive aggressive magic on Lady M - to no avail:

COUNTESS: Oh, Sonja. I love your Judith Leiber belt. It is Judith Leiber, isn't it?

SONJA: It's Chanel.

For a second, I felt like Jennifer Saunders was ghostwriting the episode...Sonja just needs to drop a few "sweeties" and "darlings" into the mix and she'll be ready for Tallulah Bankhead-like camp immortality.

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Pattya said...

Red Sonja! I love it - the movie and Sonja Morgan...she did make Luann seem like a hillbilly! xxox