Friday, May 07, 2010

Enough With The Photoslop (Or, Carrie Nation)

While I'm sure I'll get some shits and giggles out of Sex and Some Shitty 2: We're Still Whoring Luxury Goods Like It's 2006 when it will inevitably play over and over again on Home Box Office's latest satellite channel HBO-HO, I ain't planning on getting "Carried Away" in the theater this time around. Last time was bad enough...with the "labels and love" poop and the "Louise from St. Louis" crap and the brokedown wedding turd and the Mexican diarrhea. It's bad enough to be accosted daily in the subway by the breathtaking and frightening Photoshop-slop work that's hobbling across all those movie posters (did any of the four actresses actually show up in front of a camera...or were they merely recomposed from shit that retouchers had on file?). And the preview...oh, honey. Dragging out Liza for a performance at a gay wedding?

How. Very. Dare. She.

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