Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hoohaa Shitstain? (Or, Stealth Marketing)

I saw a movie (the fantastic Please Give) the other day with my friend Patty. As we walked into the theater, Patty turned to me and said:

"I love Ice Road Truckers!"

I didn't know what she was talking about. We sat down.

"Have you seen Ice Road Truckers? It's so great!"

I have her a sidelong what-the-fuck? glance. I still had no idea what she was talking about. I felt like she was saying some nonsensical term like "hoohaa shitstain" over and over again.

"Seriously, have you seen Ice Road Truckers? It's a great show!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Ice Road Truckers? It's a fantastic new show on the History Channel. There are posters and ads throughout the theater. You should check it out!"

I felt like my friend Patty had been quietly replaced by an overexcited marketing droid sometime between us buying sodas and strolling across that insanely "funky" patterned carpeting all multiplexes are crippled with. I was concerned.

"Why do you keep saying the title over and over and over again? Are you secretly a stealth marketer for whatever-it-is-you-keep-saying?"

"Ice Road Truckers. It's a great show. Ice Road Truckers. Seriously. Check it out!"

I teased Patty endlessly the rest of the afternoon. All I could imagine was her popping up in odd places, slyly and not-so slyly sliding into strangers' lives and dropping references to "Ice Road Truckers" and pumping her marketing impressions quota through the roof .

PATTY AT THE GAP: Those jeans look great on you. You know what else is great? Ice Road Truckers.

PATTY ON FIFTH AVENUE: Yes, I'm sorry I stole your wallet. You know what, I'll give it back if you watch Ice Road Truckers.

PATTY HIJACKING A BUSLOAD OF TOURISTS: On your right you can see some other place that Sex and the City or Law and Order filmed. On your left is one of the former governor's hookers. On Tuesdays you can see Ice Road Truckers at 8pm!

PATTY AT VICTORIA'S SECRET: No, you can't return panties after you've worn them. But you can return to Ice Road Truckers any time you want. It's on the History Channel - check it out!

*Editor's note from Patty herself: "OMG! I literally have tears running down my face from laughing so hard!! I love "ice road truckers" which is on the discovery channel not history, you know in case you wanted to watch it. Also another good show is "whale wars" that is on animal planet and starts this summer :) so be sure to check the listings :)"

I think she just got a salary increase....


Pattya said...

OMG Hilarious! I am literally have tears running down my face!

kookyknut said...


My besty went through a bit of an Ice Road Truckers fangirl period too.